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engagement ring guidance

I am a secret weapon.

You want an impartial expert (that's me) for one of the most important purchases you'll ever make. 

With 25 years of experience in fine jewelry design, custom guidance, and production, you will save significant time, energy, and money. This process is supposed to be fun.


My favorite elements: diamond & center stone selection, vintage pieces, ethical sourcing consultation, and optimal setting options.  

No commissions or kickbacks. Just honest, transparent advice. 

"Guys: Thinking of buying a ring but not sure where to start, what to buy or how much you’re going to spend?! Look no further. Mary Newcomb is here to help. I was in your position in May 2022 and Mary helped me through the entire process and made the whole process easy and fun! Her knowledge on types of diamonds and and 4 C’s helped me find the right diamond for my fiancé. She is an expert in the diamond field and was with me every step of the way. We spoke before I even started looking and the idea I had for a diamond, she helped find and source it, keep it in budget and was able to advise on what diamond is a good value. I would not of been as confident or found the perfect diamond that I did if it wasn’t for Mary. 


She’s the best and will make your experience easy, fun and unforgettable."



In 2018, I had the privilege of collaborating with Mary in the pursuit of the ideal engagement ring, and the experience was truly remarkable. Her expertise and dedication shone brightly as she guided me through the intricate and intimidating world of diamonds, allowing me to make an informed and thoughtful decision.

With unwavering patience, she listened to my preferences and provided me with a wealth of knowledge. It was clear that her goal was not just to sell a ring, but to help me find a symbol of love that would be cherished for a lifetime.

Her guidance was invaluable when it came to selecting the perfect diamond. We carefully examined various options, and her keen eye for detail ensured we found a diamond that exceeded all expectations. The ring she helped me create was not just a piece of jewelry; it was a testament to our love and commitment.

I am immensely grateful for the support and expertise she provided during this significant moment in my life. Thanks to her, I was able to present my partner with a stunning engagement ring that captured the essence of our love and commitment. She truly went above and beyond, and I will forever appreciate her assistance and dedication in helping me find the perfect ring.       


The Summit.


The work of the agent, but more. 

Book appointments with local jewelers for stone and setting viewings when possible. 

Navigate you through the ordering process. 

Provide guidance regarding resizing and any follow up needed once the ring is received. 

Free guidance with wedding band selection. 

The ultimate easy purchase. 


The Talk.

The first step in making it happen.

Free phone consult with me. A safer bet than calling mom just yet. 

We'll connect over a zoom, phone call or google meet to see where you are in your process. Let's 

get you oriented with a solid path to making it happen in your timeframe. 

15 minutes


The Ally.

Create a ring mood board based on your partner's vibe to get us on the same page. 

Guide you in establishing your preferred budget and keep you there. 

Offer advice on the best setting options to suit your love's lifestyle. 

Curate a selection of center gemstones to choose from after educating you fully in stone characteristics.


ready to set up a consult? 

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